Someone recently knocked on my door and told me that my roof may have storm or hail damage, and that my insurance may pay to replace my roof? Who was this person and do I really have storm damage?

There are companies, commonly known as “storm chasers,” that trail severe weather to sign roofing & siding contracts from insurance claims. They temporarily set up shop in storm-heavy areas, like Chicago, and then work subdivisions going door to door in an attempt to sign multiple contracts. They complete the work as quickly as possible (many times shoddily) and then move on to another stormy area (i.e., Florida during hurricane season). It is certainly possible that you may have damage to your roof caused by hail or storms – but we ALWAYS recommend calling a local established contractor to have them take a look and complete your roof, if necessary. And please double check that you are indeed speaking with a local contractor, as “storm chasers” often lease the phone number and contact information from other companies in order to appear local.  Your decision to work with a local, established contractor ensures that should a problem arise in the future, you will have a local company to hold accountable for any repairs.  We receive frequent phone calls from homeowners who have regretfully done business with a storm chasing company, as they have discovered there roof is faulty and they have no recourse, since that company is long gone.  In addition, keep in mind that a legitimate local company should show you an IL Roofing License and a Certificate of Liability/Workers Compensation both issued in the same name. If the names don’t match, you may not be protected.  Never accept the excuse that their subcontracting crew carries this liability – it is the company with whom you contract that is responsible for licensing and insurance.  For more information about “storm chasers,” check out

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