What is your procedure when working with insurance claims?

We are more than happy to assist you when working with your insurance company. We’ve worked with most major insurers in the past and are familiar with the negotiation and settlement issues involved. Generally speaking, your first step is to contact your insurer and start your claim. After your insurance company’s adjuster has assessed your damage and returned to you a settlement amount, then our project coordinator will begin working with you. He first will determine if the amount is adequate for the type of work needed.  In some cases, he may need to provide additional information to help you receive the appropriate amount. Once all is agreed upon by the homeowner, insurance provider, and  Hollingsworth Home Improvement, Inc., we will begin work.  Please note that in areas where storms have caused severe and extensive damage, insurance companies may have to modify their inspection process due to a limited number of adjusters. In those situations, we will modify our process to best meet their needs.

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